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Like its sister profession medicine, dental science is constantly evolving. And like many of his dental colleagues, Dr. Jim Sweet is deeply involved in his own continuing education. He closely follows the latest technology in removable prosthetics and implants. Of the several “super-stars” on the national denture lecture circuit, none makes a lower denture with the sophistication of the SPECIAL DENTURE made by Dr. Jim Sweet, DDS and Jay Sweet, CDT. And they all know about him! Because the ordinary lower denture, or “ridge-runner lower” is so common, at first glance you might be intimidated by the larger appearance of your SPECIAL DENTURE; don't be.
It's a common misconception that the smalleryour ridge, the smaller your denture should be. But having a small ridge means you've lost jaw bone and tissue, which causes that sunken-in look around your nose and mouth. To replace what you've lost, you need a larger denture to restore your bite to normal function and your face to its normal proportion and appearance. The base of your new special denture is just large enough to do its job, but never so large as to be uncomfortable.

The larger base resists further shrinkage by spreading the forces of chewing over a broader area. Your special denture will cover parts of the jaw that never shrink (retro-molar pads and external oblique ridges, which are located in the back, and on the cheek-sides of the jaw bone.) Engaging these anatomical features naturally enhances stability and retention. Instead of having to actively hold your ridge-runner in place with your lips and tongue, your special denture becomes a part of you. Because of its lateral extensions, it is effortlessly and automatically held in place by your cheek (Buccinator) muscles. Some people can enjoy superior retention if they have natural, jaw undercuts next to their tongue.

If you are a person with so much shrinkage that you have little or no lower ridge at all, we add a custom-cast, metal weight that is hidden inside your lower denture. Made from a sophisticated, non-allergenic, stainless alloy, this casting restores the jaw's mass and weight resulting from the loss of teeth, bone and tissue, and keeps the denture from “floating.” When jaw mass has been lost, the Temporalis Muscle over-closes the jaw. By restoring that weight, natural muscle function is regained, and that makes you more comfortable.

Your SPECIAL DENTURE will have unique, non-interfering teeth, specifically designed for shock absorption. Since upper and lower ridges are almost never perfectly aligned with one another, teeth with interlocking cusps most often must be arranged in a compromised position that causes an off-center imbalance and tipping. Since non-interfering teeth are not interlocked into any pre-determined articulation, they can be arranged so that they are balanced over the ridges, resist tipping, and allow more flexibility in tooth arrangement to create a more aesthetic smile.

Your special lower denture is unlike any other—it's unique. It is a very sophisticated solution to very serious problem. Your mouth is unique. You are unique!

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