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Frequently Asked Questions in Marengo, Illinois

Lower Dentures - Marengo, IL
Why does the lower denture have to be so big?

It spreads out the forces of chewing because it extends over areas of the jaw bone that don't shrink (the retro-molar pads and the external oblique ridge). Its cheek extensions allow the cheek muscles (Buccinators) to give primary retention without effort, and extensions under the tongue provide lateral stability and retention. It nicely fills out sunken faces, helping wearers to look and feel younger and healthier.
Metal Dentures - Marengo, IL
What guarantee do I have that I will like my new SPECIAL DENTURES?

Nobody can control another person's opinions or judgment, but there will be no doubt in your mind that Jay and Jim will go far beyond the extra mile to make you happy. So many of their patients are virtually hopeless dental cripples, yet their success rate is very nearly 100%. They have a combined experience of seventy years making these dentures, and they are very good at what they do. During the set-up phase you will view the wax mock-up, and have the opportunity to order changes before giving your final approval. You control the tooth shade and size and the way the teeth are arranged, and the way denture looks in your mouth. The denture won't be processed until you give it your final approval and sign it off.
Lower and Upper Dentures - Marengo, IL
How many visits will be necessary for me to get my SPECIAL DENTURE?

Although special arrangements can be made in order to make your denture in just a day or two, most dentures require about four appointments. Because of their in-house lab, you won't have to wait as long as you would in other offices. The first appointment is for your impressions. On the second they record your bite—the way your upper and lower ridges relate to each other. The third appointment is the wax-try-in, where corrections in the bite or esthetic appearance are made. You must approve the way your smile looks before processing. The fourth step is the delivery of your SPECIAL DENTURE. You take it home and wear it—just for short periods of time the first several days. This precaution is taken to avoid unnecessary sore spots. You will return to the office for necessary adjustments.
Special Denture Molds - Marengo, Il
What about adjustments after I get my new SPECIAL DENTURE?

Post-delivery adjustments are included—at no additional charge --nor is there a limit to the number of times you can come back. If you have a sore spot or some functional problem, make an appointment and come to the office. They will do everything in their power to fix it, and make you smile. NO CHARGE! NO LIMIT TO NUMBER OF ADJUSTMENTS. Before Dr. Sweet takes your impression you have already agreed not to become discouraged and quit. You alone, can guarantee failure—by getting discouraged quitting treatment before your appliance is completely adjusted. Money will not be refunded to quitters who refuse to complete their adjustments. Please, if you won't agree to complete the no-charge adjustments, don't even start—go somewhere else and quit! They expect your case to be successful, and with your working together with them, it will be.
Denture Adjustments - Marengo, IL
Why should I need adjustments at all?

The impressions taken of your ridges very accurately record the surface of your ridges, but under the surface, the tissue thickness over the bone is variable. The denture sinks down into the cushion of the thicker tissue and pinches the areas where the tissue is thinner over the bone. These pressure spots have to be relieved. Then too, the borders must be adjusted so that they are long enough to do their job, but still comfortable.
Special Upper and Lower Dentures - Marengo, IL
How long can I expect my special denture to last?

Everyone is unique. Most people shrink quite a bit during the first couple of years after their natural teeth are extracted. Then their ridges stabilize. Tiny, little ridge-runners cause continued, rapid shrinkage, because their small bearing area concentrates so much pressure on the ridge. The result is a ruined, shrunken ridge after ten or fifteen years. Those shrunken ridges are what the METAL-BASED LOWER is designed to treat. Your SPECIAL DENTURE spreads out those forces over a larger area and onto areas that resist shrinkage, (the retro-molar pads and the external oblique ridges.) Most people get more than ten years service from these special appliances. These dentures are easily relined and adjusted. Of course, people with softer bone will shrink faster that those with harder bone.
Denture Molds - Marengo, IL
What are non-interfering teeth, and why are they any better than other teeth?

Teeth with cusps tear food efficiently when they are rooted in bone. Because upper and lower cusps must interlock (articulate) in a particular way, and because upper and lower edentulous ridges rarely align themselves directly (upper over lower), the lower (and/or upper) teeth must be set off the crest of the ridge. In other words, in order to make the upper and lower cusps fit together properly, the denture is off balance and tips. The Special, non-interfering teeth can almost always be set in the best balanced positions, because they don't have to interlock (upper to lower) in that particular way—just set them where they are best balanced over the ridges, and they work. Tipping is minimized. Because the chewing anatomy is recessed into the occlusal surface of the teeth, the upper teeth slide over the lowers smoothly while still chewing efficiently. The lower teeth are set first and arranged as if they were in contact with the surface of a large ball. The uppers can then be set to articulate with the lowers while still being balanced over the ridge. This accommodated the rocking motion of the jaw during chewing. This system just plain works so very well!

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