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Special Lower Denture - Marengo, IL
There are all kinds of beautiful girls and beautiful smiles,
certainly not all of them are denture wearers.
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Special Dentures - Marengo, IL
Have you had two-- or even three—lower dentures that were unsuccessful? Does your lower “flop” around in your mouth when you try to eat or talk? Have you been told that you could never wear a lower denture that would actually work—or that you would always have to use disgusting adhesives?

Well, while it might be true that an ordinary denture could never work for you, there is a SPECIAL DENTURE THAT DOES WORK! EVEN IF YOU HAVE A SEVERLY SHRUNKEN, FLAT LOWER RIDGE! When that special denture is stable, well retained, and the teeth are balanced, tipping is eliminated. It spreads out the forces of chewing over a larger area, is more comfortable, and resists further shrinkage of your lower ridge. It comfortably fills out your face in a very controlled manner, so that you no longer have that caved-in, sunken look. You look and feel younger and healthier—you actually get a non-surgical face lift!

If you've been looking for a denture that looks good, feels good, and even “chews good,” you've found it! Dr. Jim Sweet, DDS and Jay Sweet, CDT, together, have more than seventy-years of experience successfully making these appliances in their own lab. And working together with you, they can make yours!

This is a very sophisticated solution to a very serious problem. You've been looking for a lower denture like this for a long time—and now you've found it at Cambridge Dental.

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